ITEA'95 Award
On November 29, 1995, DigiCash was awarded the 1995 European IT Prize (ITEA'95) in Brussels for the development of ecash.


The ITEA Scheme

The European Information Technology Prize is an Information Technology competition, awarding prizes to outstanding contributions in generating and converting innovative ideas and R&D results into marketable products. The ITEA objectives are to promote standards of excellence in European Information Technology performance and to stimulate innovation and competitiveness in industry.

ITEA'95: Organization, Selection and Results

ITEA'95 was organized by the Esprit Programme of the European Commission, DG III - Industry, jointly with the European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering Euro-CASE.

ITEA'95 was open to any organization (enterprise, laboratory, university or other institution) active in any field of Information Technology and based in the European Union and EEA countries.

The selection criteria included technical excellence, innovative content, potential for improving competitiveness, potential market value, capacity to generate employment by opening new markets of starting up new enterprises, contribution towards extending the acceptance and understanding of Information Technology by society and anticipated societal benefits.

All ITEA'95 submissions received by the ITEA/Euro-CASE Secretariat were assessed by the ITEA'95 evaluation group, consisting of independent experts nominated by Euro-CASE. A short-list of twenty ITEA'95 winners was drawn up. The three ITEA'95 grand prize winners were selected from the ITEA'95 winners by the ITEA'95 Executive Jury, with Chairman Prof. Karlheinz, former CEO of Siemens.

For excellence in converting results from information technology research to innovative products for the marketplace.